• Spinaloga - Elounda  



    Elounda being at the bottom of the Gulf of Mirabello enjoys unique Seaside, Sandy and rocky beaches together with lots of green being full of almond, carube, and olive trees...

  • Villa Margarita  
    Margarita is located in Mavrikiano, overlooking the bay and seaside village of Elounda...
  •   Villa Leonidas
    Leonidas is located in the village of Mavrikiano, a village overlooking Elounda. Leonidas can accommodate 3 persons in two different areas...
  •   Villa Argyro
    Argiro is a traditional stone house, built in 1905. Rebuilt in 1930 and again when it was bought by the well-known architect Theodosopulos in 1965, who restored it as it is seen today...
  • Villa Erato  
    Erato can accommodate 4 persons in two different areas. On entering, the Home there is the main room with fireplace and two single beds, a fully equipped kitchen and a small bathroom with Jacuzzi...
  • Villa Efterpi  
    The entrance to the Home leads to a small courtyard with an open sitting area and a complete summer kitchen. The door to the left leads into the main room with sitting area and two single beds...
  • Villa Kalliopi  
    On a lower level is the fireplace, a single bed and the indoor kitchen. Kalliopi can accommodate 4 persons in two different areas...
  • Villa Dimitra  
    The villa is surrounded by balconies overlooking the picturesque town of Elounda and the Bay of Mirabello, it accommodates 6 pax in three different and closed bedrooms...
  • Villa Penelope  
    The entrance leads to a common open area with an ample sized pool and a summer outdoor kitchen shared with the occupants of DIMITRA. Penelope can accommodate 6 persons in three different areas (one is a closed bedroom)...
  • Villa Clio  
    An external staircase leads to the upper floor and an ample sized balcony with views of the area. Clio can accommodate 4 persons in two different areas...
  • Villa Almond Tree no 1  
    On entering the villa to the right is a complete bathroom, and on the left is a double room with matrimonial bed. The house sleeps 4 adults in two different areas...
  • Villa Almond Tree no 2  
    The ALMOND TREE HOUSE No 1 and the ALMOND TREE HOUSE No 2 share a garden area of 300 s.m. where every villa has its own dining table, sun chairs, a large area with Lawn, and a super SWIMMING POOL (10m x 5m). The house sleeps 6 adults in three different areas, and in three closed bedrooms...
  • Villa Monastery  
    The existing presently small Church of '' Elias the Prophet '' was built in 1950 in the memory of the old Church and the Traditional Villa of the Monastery rebuilt; In 2003 , is a replica of the original one found in small engravings of the original during the excavations. ...

Andreadaki 8
Iraklion, Crete, Greece

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Dear Guest,

We would like to thank you for your preference in spending your holiday in the Traditional Homes of Mavrikiano, Elounda. We trust that the quality offered meets with your requirements and living standards.

Please do not hesitate to let us know, if you have any particular need, which we will be glad to meet.


Argiro Kambeli
The Traditional Homes of Crete






The villas are situated in the settlement of Mavrikiano - Elounda 70 km from Iraklion International Airport , while the villas are to be found within the village of Vrouhas 80 klm from the Airport and/ or 10 km from the town of Elounda.
On arrival at Iraklion Airport , you take the highway leading East and to the direction of St. Nicolas. On arrival at the junction just before entering the town of St Nicolas you turn left to the direction of Elounda.
You cross the main square of Elounda and continue the seaside road with direction the village of Placa. One hundred meters away you will see on your left the sign of Mavrikiano with the road going uphill. On the top of the hill and in the middle of the settlement all the Traditional Homes are to be found scattered within . You have arrived at the TRADITIONAL HOMES OF CRETE.
On the other hand if you continue the seaside main road to the direction of Plaka, and 2,5 klm after this village and up in the mountain , you will arrive at the village of Vrouhas and in the middle of it and next the National Monument the ALMOND TREE HOUSES 1+2 are to be found
The owners of these old stone built villas have admiration and respect for their heritage, thus the need to revive and preserve the past. Acceding to the requirements of present times, these houses have been renovated and modernized. Realistically, we believe that it is rather difficult to make a fortune by renting these old villas. It is only therefore an expression of our affection for the preservation of old times, a small token of our debt to the history of the island and to preserve our identity from the concrete monstrosities, the new buildings of today, constructed with little taste or respect for the environment. Nowadays the thinking, living creatures are returning to nature and to their roots. The Stone House you are staying in is our recognition of our Ancestors and paying our respects for the World they have made and we are now able to enjoy.